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  • April 2020 - Macca's Cravings TV Commercial
    Laurence Giovenco, Frederick Malouf, Deborah Martins, Angelina Cole, Michael Spudic and Paul Tuohy all featured!

  • February 2020 - ABCs Wakefield
    We're working on Wakefield, a psychological mystery drama exploring the fine line between sanity and madness.

  • October 2019 - Stan Originals - The Commons
    LOTS OF PG'S TALENT THROUGH THIS FUN PRODUCTION! Stand-ins, Body Doubles, Actors and many Extras!

  • September 2019 - ‘I Am Woman’ Set To Roar
    Helen Reddy Musical Biopic Prepares For A Toronto Debut. What a wonderful production to be a part of!!

  • August 2019 - Budget Direct TV Advertisement
    All PG's talent running for their lives from a robotic giant ant!! What a fun TVC!

  • June 2019 - ABC's Les Norton looks to recapture Sydney's hazy '80s
    HUGE congratulations to our 19 cast members. Thanks ABC for producing this!

Finding an Agent

It is really important to choose an agency that will best represent you. Always choose an agent that you feel at ease and feel comfortable with.

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Can I become an Extra?

Extras come in all looks, shapes, sizes, nationalities and ages. PGs Extras range from 3 years old to grandparents and great grandparents. Extras are used in film & television to represent real people.

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What does Extras Work involve?

An Extra is a person who works in the background on a film, television show or a commercial. An extras job is to make the scene realistic & believable to the audience and to provide atmosphere to the scene.

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